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WOOL FELT was probably the first man made fabric. Archaeologists have found remains of Woollen Felt as much as 5000 years old. Because it has been around so long it is often taken for granted and many of its remarkable characteristics are overlooked when designers and engineers are seeking materials for applications for which the unique properties of Woollen Felt would make it the ideal choice.

FELT is a fabric produced without spinning or weaving by using mechanical action to interlock fibres to produce a homogenous mass of interlaced fibres. Wool fibres if subjected to heat, moisture and mechanical action, will migrate along their axes, curl and interlace with adjacent fibre to form a traditional Woollen Felt. Other fibres can be blended with Wool fibres when characteristics are required which are not obtainable by wool alone, but it is the Wool in the blend which must supply the felting ability.



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     Felt & felt products


Felt are available in many Qualities, full range of wool felt is available with us . Woolen Felt is available in various shapes and sizes such as felt gasket , felt washer , felt strip .

In India, compressed felt is also known as Namda .Hard wool felt is used for drumbeater felt , piano felt. Polishing felt is used by many industries as felt disc , felt bob , felt disk , felt wheel , felt buff , felt tool, felt mop .

Our other products include woollen yarn , wool felt carpet , beveled felt , calendaring felt , felt stickers , nonwoven felt , cylinder felt , lining felt . In general other application we offer colour felt which is used in shoe industry as footwear felt & other industries as saddle felt , duster felt , felt pebbles .


felt fabric is used as decorative felt and craft felt & is available in many colours . In engineering units it is known as engineering felt and used as packing felt is also used as antivibration pads. Endless felt is a special felt without any joints used on felt roller. endless felt blanket is used in textile industries as endless clearer cloth , felt sleeve , felt tube , felt belt .

Felt components and felt articles are used in automobile industries as automotive felt , dust seal felt , felt padding . We can also offer you Conductive felt which can be made of needle felt , pressed felt or synthetic felt . Some other industries in which we are supplying our industrial felt or technical felt as wicking felt , wool felt seal , felt wiper , insulation felt , acoustic felt and filter felt .

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